Mobile connectivity is essential for travelers exploring Taiwan. Whether you need data to navigate streets, look up attractions or stay in touch with friends back home, a local SIM card is extremely useful.

CHT is one of the largest mobile network operators in Taiwan, along with Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information about purchasing and using a CHT SIM card during your stay.

cht sim card

I. Quick Facts about CHT

  • Founded Year: Chunghwa Telecom was founded on June 15, 1996.
  • Full Company Name: The full name of the company is Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
  • Types of Services Provided: Chunghwa Telecom provides a range of services including mobile communications, internet services, fixed network services, and ICT integrated services.
  • Number of Subscribers: As of the third quarter of 2019, Chunghwa Telecom had more than 9 million subscribers for domestic fixed communications and 12 million for mobile communications. They also had 3.63 million FTTx subscribers.

II. Why CHT When You’re Exploring Taiwan – Coverage and Speed

1. CHT Network Coverage in Taiwan

cht coverage in taiwan
CHT coverage in Taiwan

According to the latest mobile network report from OpenSignal, Chunghwa Telecom is delivering an excellent experience for users across Taiwan. The operator received OpenSignal’s top award for overall network coverage, achieving a score of 9.3 out of 10. This placed it well ahead of FarEastTone and Taiwan Mobile in second place.

Chunghwa is also leading the way for 5G connectivity. It was awarded for best 5G coverage thanks to its score of 6.4, outperforming runner-up FarEastTone. This widespread 5G rollout means more Taiwanese can enjoy high-speed mobile internet via Chunghwa’s next-gen network.

2. CHT Speed

Speed tests show Chunghwa users benefit from seriously fast download speeds too. Average speeds of 83.8Mbps on all technologies were much zippier than competitors. And when on 5G, Chunghwa saw blazing fast speeds of over 332Mbps! That’s over 100Mbps quicker than anyone else – now that’s speedy connectivity.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Chunghwa also took home trophies for best overall and 5G upload speeds. Whether users are sharing photos and videos or making video calls, Chunghwa’s advanced network ensures top-notch experiences.

All in all, it’s clear from OpenSignal’s insights that Chunghwa is setting the gold standard for mobile service in Taiwan. With industry-leading coverage and lightning quick speeds, no wonder so many satisfied customers choose Chunghwa as their network provider of choice.

III. Best CHT SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

CHT’s prepaid SIM options are designed for travelers’ needs:

Plan Name Data Provided Validity Period Price (USD) Additional Details
5G Prepaid SIM Rate Plan 60GB 60 days ~$35.30 300 voice minutes for limited time, 10Mbps speeds after data, charges for usage after
5G Traveller SIM - 3-Day Pass 3GB 72 hours ~$17.70 100 voice minutes, unlimited tethering
5G Traveller SIM - 5-Day Pass 5GB 120 hours ~$21.20 50 voice minutes
5G Traveller SIM - 7-Day Pass 7GB 168 hours ~$27.60 300 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 3-Day Pass Unlimited 72 hours ~$10.60 100 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 5-Day Pass 120 hours ~$10.60 50 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 5-Day Pass 120 hours ~$17.70 300 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 7-Day Pass 168 hours ~$17.70 150 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 10-Day Pass 240 hours ~$17.70 100 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 15-Day Pass 360 hours ~$24.40 100 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 15-Day Pass 360 hours ~$27.60 250 voice minutes
4G Traveller SIM - 30-Day Pass 720 hours ~$35.30 430 voice minutes

Pricing is very reasonable at around US$10.60-35, making CHT SIMs a great value. Data-only packages are also available if you won’t use much voice/SMS.

IV. Does CHT Support eSIM in Taiwan?

In addition to traditional physical SIM cards, leading Taiwanese mobile network CHT also offers eSIM activation for international travelers visiting Taiwan. An eSIM or embedded SIM allows users to wirelessly provision their mobile data plan directly onto eSIM-compatible smartphones without the need for a plastic SIM card.

Taiwanese customers who want to make the switch to an eSIM as their primary line can purchase an eSIM profile online from by GIGAGO. This website acts as a reseller partner for CHT eSIM plans. After a small one-time activation fee, users can simply download and install their new eSIM profile remotely.

Plans that may interest you

Taiwan eSIM 5 Days
Taiwan eSIM 5 Days
From $4.00
Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
From $4.90
Taiwan eSIM 15 Days
Taiwan eSIM 15 Days
From $5.00 provides tourists with flexible short-term data packages for use on CHT’s fast 4G network around Taiwan. Some of their value options include a 5-day plan with 3-20GB daily data starting from just $3, a 10-day bundle with 3GB daily data for $3.90, or a 15-day package providing up to 20GB total data usage for $21. All plans can be bought, activated and easily switched to online without needing to visit a local CHT store – making eSIMs very convenient for international visitors.

V. Where can You Buy an CHT SIM cards?

As the largest telecom in Taiwan, CHT SIM cards are easy to find:

  • CHT stores – Available at over 1000 CHT retail stores. Find one easily in all major cities.
  • Taipei Airport – CHT has a counter at Taoyuan International Airport Arrivals Hall. Grab a SIM upon landing.
  • Convenience stores – Select 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life locations carry CHT SIMs.
  • Supermarkets – Some PX Mart, Carrefour, and RT-Mart stores also offer CHT SIMs.
  • Authorized resellers – Many mobile shops and stalls sell CHT SIM cards.

Staff can assist you in activating the Hello Traveler SIM. Bring your passport for registration.

VI. How to Activate CHT SIM Card/eSIM in Taiwan?

1. How to Use CHT SIM Card in Taiwan?

Activating a CHT SIM card is straightforward:

  1. Purchase CHT Hello Traveler SIM pack from a store or airport.
  2. Provide passport and local contact number for registration.
  3. Insert SIM and power on device. Initial activation can take up to 15 minutes.
  4. You will receive an SMS confirming activation. Enjoy unlimited data!
  5. Top up if needed by purchasing additional vouchers.

That’s all it takes to start enjoying CHT’s fast, reliable service with your SIM card in Taiwan!

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2. How to Activate CHT eSIM?

Your first step is to choose a reliable eSIM provider that offers plans on Taiwan’s top cellular network, CHT. is a great option as they have years of experience providing travelers with seamless connectivity in Taiwan.

how benefits you

Once you know when you’re visiting Taiwan, you can browse’s various short-term and multi-day CHT data packages online. Plans start at just a few dollars per day and allow you to stay connected without worrying about running out of data.

  • During the online purchase process, you will select your preferred CHT eSIM package and enter your payment and contact details. Within minutes, will generate your unique eSIM profile containing the activation codes and QR code.
  • Right to your email inbox, you will find the installation guide and QR code for your CHT eSIM. This can be done from anywhere as no physical SIM card is needed. Simply ensure your device is eSIM compatible by checking’s supported device list.
  • Once in Taiwan, open the email on your phone and scan the QR code using the camera app. Your device will automatically set up the CHT eSIM connection in the background. Within seconds you will have 4G/5G data access on the island!

If any issues come up during activation, has multilingual live chat support available 24/7. Their knowledgeable agents can walk you through troubleshooting steps to get connected quickly.

I’d recommend taking a screenshot of your eSIM details before use as a backup. Then sit back and enjoy fast, affordable cellular service wherever you roam in Taiwan!

Travel SIM Plans Tailored For the Experience

VII. CHT Call & SMS Rates

CHT prepaid SIMs and eSIMs come with local calling and texting bundles:

  • Hello Traveler SIM – 150 local talk minutes, 150 local SMS
  • Tourist eSIM – 100 local minutes, 100 local SMS

These are appropriate amounts for most travelers. Additional bundles can be added if needed:

  • 100 local call minutes – NT$100 (~US$3.00)
  • 100 local SMS – NT$50 (~US$1.50)

International calls cost NT$3-8/min depending on destination. SMS to other countries are NT$5 each.

Rates are very reasonable on CHT. Having some minutes and texts included makes staying in touch overseas convenient.

VIII. Useful USSD Codes for CHT SIM Card/eSIM

CHT SIM and eSIM users can check balances and settings quickly using USSD codes:

  • *100# – Check remaining plan data, minutes & SMS
  • *101# – Check SIM number
  • *102# – Check account balance
  • *137# – Check data usage
  • *131# – Enable data roaming
  • *132# – Disable data roaming

Dial these codes directly on your phone keypad anytime without internet required. Useful for monitoring usage and enabling roaming.

IX. How to Top-up CHT SIM Card/eSIM

When your CHTprepaid balance runs low, you can easily top-up both SIM & eSIM:

  • Online – Use CHT Top-up app to add credit with overseas credit card
  • Stores – Purchase top-up voucher at CHT stores and convenience stores
  • ATM – Transfer funds at Chinatrust or First Commercial Bank ATMs
  • Supermarkets – Pay cash for top-up cards at RT Mart and PX Mart

Topping up can extend your high-speed data, minutes, and SMS. Auto-top up ensures you don’t run out of credit during your trip.

X. FAQs about CHT

Does CHT SIM work in Taiwan’s MRT stations and tunnels?

Yes, CHT has installed repeaters in the metro so you get service even deep underground. This is not the case with some smaller providers.

How long does CHT SIM last without usage?

Up to 180 days for prepaid SIM and eSIM. Make sure to top up at least once every 6 months to keep it active.

Can I roam on CHT SIM Cards outside Taiwan?

CHT does enable free roaming in certain countries. But data rates are very expensive, so a local SIM is better for extensive travel.

Does CHT SIM work in Taiwan’s high speed rail?

Absolutely, CHT has strong LTE coverage along the entire THSR line from Taipei to Kaohsiung. You can stream and surf the web even at 300 km/h.

XI. Final Words

A CHT SIM card or eSIM is a great connectivity option for travelers in Taiwan. With its unbeatable coverage, fast speeds, and reasonable rates, CHT offers reliable service across the country. Both the 7-day Hello Traveler SIM and Tourist eSIM provide an unlimited data package that makes exploring Taiwan easy. Pick up a CHT SIM at the airport or online to stay connected on your next trip!