Taiwan Mobile is one of the top mobile operators in Taiwan offering prepaid SIM cards and eSIM plans for tourists. With excellent 4G and 5G coverage, high speeds and affordable data packages, Taiwan Mobile is a great choice for staying connected during your Taiwan trip.

taiwan mobile sim card

I. Quick Facts about Taiwan Mobile

Established in 1997, Taiwan Mobile works hard to connect Taiwan. With over 8.7 million happy customers, they offer a variety of services to meet everyone’s needs.

Whether you need a basic phone plan, fast internet for work or school, or all the latest features on your smartphone – Taiwan Mobile has you covered. They provide reliable 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks that reach almost all parts of Taiwan.

Through their 300+ stores and network of over 7,000 helpful agents island-wide, Taiwan Mobile makes staying in touch accessible for everyone. Their team is dedicated to excellent customer service with a friendly smile.

By prioritizing connectivity for all, Taiwan Mobile plays an important role in bringing communities together across this beautiful island nation.

II. Why Taiwan Mobile When You’re Exploring Taiwan – Coverage and Speed

1. Taiwan Mobile Network Coverage in Taiwan

taiwan mobile coverage in taiwan
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With over 99% population coverage for 4G LTE networks, Taiwan Mobile offers extensive connectivity across the country. Its 3G and 2G networks are even more far-reaching covering almost all of Taiwan.

The operator has been rapidly rolling out 5G as well over the past couple of years. As of 2022, Taiwan Mobile’s 5G network already covers over 80% of the population in Taiwan. All major cities and tourist attractions are blanketed with strong and reliable 5G and 4G signals.

So regardless of whether you are in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Kenting or anywhere in between – you can stay confidently connected on Taiwan Mobile’s network.

2. Taiwan Mobile Speed

In independent third-party speed tests, Taiwan Mobile consistently ranks at the top for 4G LTE and 5G speeds.

Its average 4G download speed is around 72 Mbps while 5G is even quicker averaging around 469 Mbps in Taipei. These are blazing fast speeds by any standard and allow for smooth HD video streaming, video calls as well as mobile gaming.

So with Taiwan Mobile, you can share travel photos and videos in an instant. Plus enjoy immersive mobile entertainment without any annoying lag or buffering issues.

III. Taiwan Mobile Connectivity Options for Travelers to Taiwan

For short-term visitors, Taiwan Mobile offers the following connectivity options:

  • Prepaid SIM Card: Pick up a prepaid Taiwan Mobile SIM at the airport or convenience stores in Taiwan. These provide domestic calls, texts and 4G/5G data on short validity periods.
  • Traveler/Tourist SIM Card: Get a Taiwan Mobile tourist SIM card online prior to your trip. These come with longer validity plans with generous data allowances for your entire trip.
  • eSIM: Download a Taiwan Mobile eSIM plan on your phone if it supports eSIM technology. Convenient, no plastic SIM required and instant activation.
  • Pocket WiFi: Rent a Taiwan Mobile pocket WiFi device picked up at airport and return on departure. Create WiFi hotspot for multiple devices.
  • Roaming SIM Card: Use your home SIM card in Taiwan by paying daily roaming rates. Useful for very short trips.

Depending on your travel style, length of stay and devices, you can choose the best Taiwan Mobile connectivity option for your needs.

IV. Best Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Here are two of the best prepaid SIM cards from Taiwan Mobile for tourists and visitors:

Plan Type Price ($US) Data Allowance Validity Period Additional Benefits
4G Prepaid $3.30 1GB 30 days First 3 minutes of intra-network calls free
$9.90 3 days unlimited data N/A N/A
$9.90 2.4GB 60 days $6.60 airtime for intra-network calls
$16.50 4.4GB 60 days $9.90 airtime for intra-network calls
$33 24GB 185 days
5G Prepaid $19.80 24GB 60 days $1.65 airtime for calls
$33 60GB 60 days $3.30 airtime for calls
$33 30 days unlimited data (after 60GB at <10Mbps) N/A $3.30 airtime for 30 da

5G enabled tourist SIM card from Taiwan Mobile provides a full week of high-speed data capped at a generous 30GB along with some call time. It’s perfect for week long vacations in Taiwan allowing you to freely use maps, social media, share travel photos and stream videos. Unlimited free data access on popular apps like LINE, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp is a great bonus.

For shorter trips, Taiwan Mobile’s 4G prepaid SIM good for 3 days is a cost-effective choice. 8GB is plenty for maps, social media, some video watching and music streaming for a weekend in Taiwan.

V. Does Taiwan Mobile Support eSIM in Taiwan?

Excitingly, Taiwan Mobile does provide eSIM support for prepaid plans since 2020. If you have an eSIM compatible phone like iPhone XS/XR and above or Google Pixel series, you can download a Taiwan Mobile eSIM before your trip.

Benefits of using eSIM include easy online purchase, instant activation, ability to store multiple profiles, and avoiding physical SIM swapping.

Currently, you will need to chat with Taiwan Mobile customer support on Facebook Messenger or Line to purchase and set up the eSIM. But the process is relatively quick and you can get activated within 15 minutes typically.

VI. Where can You Buy an Taiwan Mobile SIM card and eSIM?

Here are some options to purchase Taiwan Mobile prepaid SIM card or eSIM in Taiwan:

1. Where to Buy Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards in Taiwan?

  • Taiwan Mobile Stores: Visit official Taiwan Mobile shops found across all cities in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Airport Pickup: Pre-order online for airport delivery in Taipei TPE Airport
  • Convenience Stores: Purchase prepaid SIM cards at 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and OK Mart outlets
  • Electronics Stores: Buy Taiwan Mobile SIM at large electronics shops like Studio A, Senao, Yamada Denki

2. Where to Buy Taiwan Mobile eSIM in Taiwan?

  • Online Chat Support: Chat with Taiwan Mobile CS on Facebook Messenger or Line app to set up eSIM
  • E-commerce Sites: Buy Taiwan Mobile eSIM vouchers on PChome, Shopee Taiwan to activate later
  • In Taiwan Mobile Store: Staff can help set up eSIM profile and activation in store

So in summary – buying a plastic SIM card is easy across Taiwan, but eSIM activation requires contacting Taiwan Mobile’s online support or visiting a store.

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VII. How to Activate Taiwan Mobile SIM Card/eSIM in Taiwan?

Activating your new Taiwan Mobile SIM or eSIM is a quick and easy process when you arrive in Taiwan:

1. How to Use Taiwan Mobile SIM Card in Taiwan?

Follow these steps to activate your Taiwan Mobile SIM Card:

  1. Insert SIM in unlocked phone
  2. Connect to Taiwan Mobile network and turn on mobile data
  3. Open browser and go to prepaid activation site
  4. Choose prepaid plan and make payment to activate SIM
  5. Enter passport number and tourist details
  6. SIM is now active! Start using mobile internet and calling

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2. How to Activate Taiwan Mobile eSIM?

To activate your Taiwan Mobile eSIM profile:

  1. Make sure your phone has eSIM functionality enabled
  2. Scan QR code provided for your eSIM plan to download profile
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to install profile and activate eSIM
  4. Enter passport details to register your tourist eSIM
  5. eSIM is now ready to use! Connect to Taiwan Mobile network

That’s it! In a few minutes you can start enjoying high-speed data and calls with your Taiwan Mobile SIM card or eSIM in Taiwan.

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VIII. Taiwan Mobile Call & SMS Rates

Here are the call and SMS rates for Taiwan Mobile SIM cards for tourists:

  • Calls to Taiwan numbers – NT$1 per minute
  • Calls to Hong Kong/Macau – NT$1 per minute
  • Calls to China – NT$2 per minute
  • Calls to Other Countries – NT$3 per minute
  • Incoming Calls – Free
  • SMS to Taiwan Numbers – NT$1 per SMS
  • SMS to Other Countries – NT$2 per SMS

Quite affordable rates for both making calls or sending texts on your Taiwan Mobile prepaid SIM. Remember to add call packages if you expect to make a lot of outbound calls during your trip for maximum savings.

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IX. Useful USSD Codes for Taiwan Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

Here are some useful USSD codes to check your account balance and other details on Taiwan Mobile network:

  • *135# – Check SIM card number
  • *136# – Check main balance
  • *137# – Check bonus/promotional balance
  • *139# – Check validity and expiry
  • *150# – Check data balance
  • *151# – Check voice/call balance
  • *157# – Check SMS/text balance

Simply dial these codes on your phone and details of your active Taiwan Mobile plan will be displayed. Useful for keeping tabs on remaining balances.

X. How to Top-up Taiwan Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

When your SIM is running low on validity or data balance, you can easily top-up or extend in Taiwan:

  • Convenience Stores – Buy top up vouchers from 7-Eleven, Family Mart, OK Mart, Hi-Life stores across Taiwan. denomination NT$100 to NT$1000.
  • Online Top Up – Recharge through the ‘My Taiwan Mobile’ app using credit card
  • Taiwan Mobile Stores – Visit the nearest Taiwan Mobile shop for instant top ups
  • Vending Machines – Purchase top up cards from electronic vending machines

So recharging your Taiwan Mobile SIM is convenient through multiple online and offline channels when travelling in Taiwan.

XI. Alternatives to Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards

Heading to Taiwan but don’t want the hassle of swapping SIM cards or paying high roaming fees? Then get yourself an eSIM from taiwanesim.com by GIGAGO before you go!

taiwanesim.com makes it easy to purchase affordable eSIM data packages for Taiwan online. Simply click here to browse our range of short-term and long-term travel plan options.

Convenient eSIM Plans Provide Savings

Taiwan eSIM 5 Days
Taiwan eSIM 5 Days
From $4.00
Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
From $4.90

Plans start at just $3 for 5 days of coverage up to 30 day packages with prices from $4.50. This allows you to select the perfect duration to suit your Taiwan trip itinerary.

Data allowances range from 3GB up to a generous 20GB daily so you can stream, navigate and stay connected freely each day. And with daily limits from 1GB to 2GB depending on the plan, you’re covered no matter how much you use your phone.

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Once purchased online through their secure server, the eSIM QR code will be delivered instantly to your email. Then simply scan it on your smartphone and you’re connected to Taiwan’s fast 4G/5G CHT networks wherever you go in the country.

Say goodbye to paying roaming charges to your home carrier or messing with physical SIM cards. A taiwanesim.com eSIM makes accessing affordable Taiwan connectivity a breeze.

XII. FAQs about Taiwan Mobile

Here are some frequently asked questions about using Taiwan Mobile SIM cards for tourists in Taiwan:

Does Taiwan Mobile offer unlimited data plans?

No, Taiwan Mobile does not currently offer unlimited data prepaid plans. All its tourist SIMs have a set data allowance that can be topped up as required. Unlimited data plans are only available for long-term postpaid subscribers.

Does the SIM work in other Asian countries?

No, Taiwan Mobile SIM cards only provide coverage within Taiwan. They do not work in other countries or support roaming.

Can I use my Taiwan Mobile SIM in Taiwan only?

Yes, Taiwan Mobile’s tourist SIMs are for use in Taiwan only. They will not work outside Taiwan.

Is 5G access included with the SIM cards?

Taiwan Mobile’s 5G SIM cards allow access to 5G speeds where coverage is available. For 4G SIMs, you can only get up to 4G speeds.

How can I check Taiwan Mobile coverage at a specific location?

You can use Taiwan Mobile’s coverage map on their website to check 4G and 5G coverage reach at your hotel, attractions etc. This will help ensure you get good signals during your trip.

XIII. Final Words

To conclude, Taiwan Mobile offers excellent connectivity options for short-term visitors to Taiwan. Their prepaid SIM cards provide high-speed mobile data on 5G and 4G LTE networks with wide coverage across the country.

With affordable data packages, unlimited access to popular apps, and easy online purchase and activation – Taiwan Mobile is undoubtedly a top choice for your upcoming trip to Taiwan.

I hope this guide provides all the details you need to stay connected with a Taiwan Mobile SIM card or eSIM during your travels in Taiwan! Safe journeys and enjoy the wonderful scenery and culture of this amazing country.