Taiwan offers an amazing mix of vibrant cities, natural beauty, and delicious cuisine – it’s definitely worth exploring. However, having reliable mobile connectivity is key to fully experiencing everything this island country has to offer. Whether you’re navigating transit, finding recommendations through apps, or staying in touch with travel partners, a local SIM card removes a major hassle.

Luckily, getting set up with service is straightforward. One top provider is GT Taiwan Mobile, which supports both SIM cards and eSIM options for travelers. This guide provides an overview of GT’s plans and how you can acquire mobile service before your trip. 

gt taiwan mobile sim card

I. Quick Facts about GT Taiwan Mobile

GT Taiwan Mobile was formed in 2002 through the combining of several telecom companies. Their full name is Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd.

They provide a variety of mobile services like 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks to connect people across Taiwan. Customers can choose from different plans to meet their communication needs. GT Taiwan Mobile also supports technologies beyond phones through IoT.

With over 6 million subscribers, GT Taiwan Mobile has grown to serve the vast majority of people in Taiwan. Whether in cities or rural towns, their network coverage reaches close to everyone on the island.

For customer assistance, GT Taiwan Mobile operates more than 300 own-branded stores nationwide. People can also find Taiwan Mobile at over 10,000 retail partner locations islandwide.

II. Taiwan GT Taiwan Mobile Coverage and Speed

1. GT Taiwan Mobile Coverage in Taiwan

Taiwan Mobile Coverage
Source: Opensignal

GT Taiwan Mobile has an extensive 2G and 4G LTE mobile network covering all major cities, transportation routes, and over 99% of populated areas in Taiwan.

Its 3G network reaches 94% of the population while its 5G network is rapidly growing, currently available in all major metropolitans. GT Taiwan Mobile has the best coverage in northern Taiwan.

2. GT Taiwan Mobile speed

In independent mobile network speed tests, GT Taiwan Mobile consistently scores well on 4G LTE and emerging 5G speeds:

  • Average 4G LTE download speed of 50 Mbps, with max speeds up to 290 Mbps recorded.
  • Early benchmark tests of its 5G network show average download speeds from 350-500 Mbps.

Coverage and speeds are excellent throughout Taiwan’s urban areas and major transport routes. In rural areas, download speeds may be slower but still very usable.

III. GT Taiwan Mobile Connectivity Options for Travelers to Taiwan

Whether you’ll be exploring cities or scenic countryside during your visit to Taiwan, this handy guide summarizes your top options for staying online through Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the island’s largest mobile provider. From prepaid SIM cards perfect for budget travelers to expansive WiFi coverage across the island, CHT has you covered.

Take a look at the overview below for a quick glance at what each solution offers.

Option Description Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM Cards CHT offers prepaid SIM cards with various plans. The best deals are usually found at the airports1. You can also pre-order your Taiwan SIM Card from Klook and pick it up from the Chunghwa Telecom booth. Budget-friendly option. Provides reliable data coverage nationwide. May require setting up account with identification documents. Not suitable for short stays.
WiFi Routers You can pick up Chunghwa Telecom WiFi routers ordered from Klook via the Chunghwa Telecom booth. Convenient solution for traveling in groups or families. Shared hotspot avoids multiple SIM card hassle. -Rental fees may be higher than SIM cards for longer stays. Additional device to carry.
i-Taiwan WiFi Hotspots i-Taiwan is a free indoor wireless hotspot scheme set up by the Taiwanese government. With over 5,000 locations all over Taiwan (although mainly in urban areas), it’s a great way to get connected for free. Free basic internet access. Great for quick checks while sightseeing. Signals may be spotty or low-speed depending on location and traffic.

While i-Taiwan hotspots offer free basic WiFi in cities, the CHT prepaid SIM gives you reliable connectivity anywhere without signal concerns. Of the options presented, a prepaid SIM provides the best overall mobility and value for travelers visiting Taiwan.

IV. Best GT Taiwan Mobile SIM cards for tourists & cost

Plan Price (USD) Data Allowance Call Allowance Validity Period
NT$100 Plan $3.27 1 day unlimited data Free intra-network calls N/A
NT$300 Plan $9.81 3 days unlimited data N/A N/A
NT$500 Plan $16.45 5 days unlimited data N/A N/A
NT$180 Plan $5.92 1.2GB $5.92 for intra-network calls Within 60 days
NT$300 Plan $9.81 2.2GB $9.81 for intra-network calls Within 60 days
NT$699 Plan $23.10 5GB $23.10 for intra-network calls Within 90 days

V. Does GT Taiwan Mobile support eSIM?

Yes, GT Taiwan Mobile launched electronic SIMs (eSIM) for tourists traveling to Taiwan in late 2022.

The GT Taiwan Mobile tourist eSIM provides only data connectivity (no voice service). Other perks:

  • Access data immediately, no SIM card required
  • Remotely setup before travel
  • Use dual SIM capabilities if your phone supports eSIM + nano SIM

Their eSIM data packages are:

  • 1-day tourist eSIM – 1GB high-speed 4G/LTE data for 24 hours. Price: NT$200 (US$7)
  • 8-day tourist eSIM – 6GB data for 8 days. Price: NT$500 (US$17)

eSIMs offer a convenient way to access mobile data without fussing with physical SIM cards. It’s a great choice if you have an eSIM compatible phone.

VI. Where can you buy a GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Card and eSIM?

Here are some options for getting a GT Taiwan Mobile SIM or eSIM before your trip or after you arrive.

1. Where to buy GT Taiwan Mobile SIM card for Taiwan

In Taiwan:

  • GT Taiwan Mobile stores – Find locations on website
  • GT Taiwan Mobile vending machines – At airports and some MRT stations
  • Convenience stores like 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life
  • Online delivery within Taiwan from GT Taiwan Mobile website

Outside Taiwan:

  • Online SIM card marketplace sites like SimOptionsdeliver worldwide
  • Taiwanese electronics stores in some countries sell GT Taiwan Mobile SIMs

Ordering online beforehand is recommended to save time. But you can easily purchase SIM cards after arrival at the airport, convenience stores, or GT Taiwan Mobile shops.

2. Where to buy Taiwan GT Taiwan Mobile eSIM

GT Taiwan Mobile eSIMs for travel can only be purchased directly from their website. There are a few simple steps:

  1. Select your eSIM data package (1-day or 8-day)
  2. Create an account and pay with credit card
  3. Activate the eSIM remotely and install the profile on your phone

Keep in mind eSIMs are not sold at physical retail outlets. You must order directly from GT Taiwan Mobile online.

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VII. How to activate GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

Activating your new GT Taiwan Mobile SIM card or eSIM is quick and easy:

1. How to use GT Taiwan Mobile Taiwan SIM card

  1. Insert the nano SIM into your unlocked phone
  2. Turn on your phone and the SIM will automatically configure
  3. Select your language preference when prompted
  4. You may need to restart the phone for settings to complete
  5. The SIM is now active with your prepaid credit or data plan ready to use!

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2. How to activate GT Taiwan Mobile Taiwan eSIM

  1. Login to your GT Taiwan Mobile account that you used to purchase the eSIM
  2. Download the eSIM profile and activation code
  3. On your phone, scan the QR code or enter the activation code manually
  4. Follow the prompts to install the eSIM profile on your phone
  5. Connect to the GT Taiwan Mobile network and your data plan will be activated

That’s it! You can now start using mobile data on your GT Taiwan Mobile SIM or eSIM during your Taiwan trip.

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VIII. Taiwan GT Taiwan Mobile Call & SMS rates

GT Taiwan Mobile has competitive prepaid rates, especially for calls within their network:

  • Calls to GT Taiwan Mobile numbers – NT$1/minute
  • Calls to other Taiwan mobile numbers – NT$2.2/minute
  • Calls to Taiwan landlines – NT$2.2/minute
  • SMS to Taiwan mobile numbers – NT$1/SMS

International calls start from NT$3 per minute. Receiving calls and texts on GT Taiwan Mobile is free.

Do note prepaid credit has an expiry of 60 days. Top up your account regularly if you need calls or SMS.

IX. Useful USSD codes for GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

GT Taiwan Mobile uses USSD codes to check balances and info. Dial these codes and press call:

  • *100# – Check main balance
  • *104# – Check data balance
  • *136# – Check bonus balances
  • *135# – Check validity period

Enter the code like *100# and press call to check.

X. How to Top-up GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

When your SIM runs low on credit or data, you can easily top-up both physically and online:

In Taiwan:

  • GT Taiwan Mobile stores and partner outlets
  • ATMs
  • 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi-Life convenience stores

Online top-up:

  • GT Taiwan Mobile prepaid account
  • Select 3rd party top-up sites like Mimosa

Once topped up, bonus credit is instantly added to your SIM. No waiting!

Upgrade your Taiwan: Choose Taiwanesim.com, choose beyond limits.

XI. Alternatives to GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards

The other top providers in Taiwan are:

  • Taiwan Star Telecom – Also known as T Star, owned by FarEasTone. Solid coverage and speeds.
  • Chunghwa Telecom – State-owned operator, has extensive networks. Good value prepaid SIMs.
  • Taiwan Mobile – Second largest operator, with good prepaid options.

All these Taiwan networks have prepaid SIMs and stores at the airports. You generally can’t go wrong with any provider.

In addition to sim card options, digital SIM cards known as eSIMs have become an increasingly popular choice for international travelers visiting Taiwan in recent years. They allow you to easily get mobile data without swapping a physical SIM, just by downloading an eSIM profile.

By getting an eSIM plan from taiwanesim.com by GIGAGO for use on Taiwan’s reliable CHT network, you can purchase affordable daily data bundles while in Taiwan without incurring expensive international roaming fees.

Plans that may interest you

Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
Taiwan eSIM 10 Days
From $4.90
Taiwan eSIM 30 Days
Taiwan eSIM 30 Days
From $5.50

Taiwanesim.com offers great value Taiwan CHT eSIM plans, starting from as little as $3. The plans provide generous data amounts between 1-20GB per day so you’ll stay connected during your entire trip.

Some key benefits of choosing a CHT Taiwan eSIM plan from taiwanesim.com include:

  • Immediate activation as the eSIM profiles are electronically delivered to your email right after purchase. Just need WiFi to set it up on a compatible device.
  • Avoid expensive roaming charges by opting for reasonable local data packages instead of using your home network abroad.
  • No wasting time queued in airports thanks to online purchase before your travel dates.
  • Flexible plan durations ranging from 3 days up to 1 month to suit your length of stay.
  • Helpful 24/7 support from Taiwanesim.com if setup assistance or other questions arise during your trip.

XII. FAQs about GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards

Does GT Taiwan Mobile have 5G coverage?

Yes, GT Taiwan Mobile has launched 5G service in all major cities including Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. 5G coverage is rapidly expanding.

Can I use GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards in other Asian countries?

No, GT Taiwan Mobile SIMs only provide service within Taiwan. For travel beyond Taiwan, you’ll need a separate local SIM card in each country.

How long is GT Taiwan Mobile SIM card valid for?

Regular prepaid SIMs are valid for 180 days. Tourist Visitor SIMs are valid for only 5 days of usage after activation.

Can I make international calls with GT Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards?

Yes, international calls are supported starting from NT$3/minute. Verify rates before calling.

How do I check my data usage on GT Taiwan Mobile?

You can check your remaining data by dialing *104# and pressing call. Or access your account online.

XIII. Final words

A GT Taiwan Mobile SIM card or eSIM provides an essential mobile data and calling connection for any visit to Taiwan. Their tourist SIMs and plans make it easy for short-term travelers to stay connected affordably across this modern nation. Pick up a GT Taiwan Mobile SIM before your Taiwan trip or upon arrival for seamless connectivity.